Official Arrest Report Narrative (Cambridge Police Officer Mark J. McHale) — Oct. 23, 2007

On the above date and time I was assigned to Car #3 along with Officer Caulfield. We were dispatched to #500 Memorial Drive #246 on a report of a stabbing. This is an MIT dorm building with multiple dorm rooms on several floors. While in route we were up dated by ECC that the suspect was a female who is the ex-girlfriend of the victim. ECC provided us with her name, Anna Tang an Asian female and that she was wearing a black coat. We were also informed that Ms. Tang may be on foot as she does not have a vehicle.

Upon arrival I entered the building along with members from the Cambridge Fire Department and proceeded directly to the second floor to room #246. Once at the door we were met by the victim, Mr. Styke who was standing in the door way. Mr Styke was actively bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds. Para Medics from CFD began treatment of Mr. Stykes immediately. As he was being treated I asked Mr. Stykes where he thought Ms. Tang may be heading? He stated he did not know. At the same time I heard a female state ‘here I am’. This female was standing about twenty feet from my position just down the hallway to my right. As I turned to look I noticed the female to be of Asian descent and wearing a black coat. I approached her and asked her name to which she stated ‘Anna Tang’. I placed her into custody and immediately advised her of her Miranda rights from a pre-printed card I carry. Ms. Tang stated she under stood her rights. I then moved Ms. Tang to a lobby area about ten feet away from where we were standing. I was then joined by Officer Dean and Officer Caulfield. Segeant Peterson and Sergeant Ayala also arrived on scene. A number of MIT police officers also arrived on location and secured the scene, (see list at bottom of report). An officer from MIT discovered blood in a bath room just across and down the hall from room #246. Sergeant Peterson stated there was blood in and around the sink area where it appeared an attempt was made to wash up.

I asked Ms. Tang if she had any weapons on her and she stated she had a knife in side her back pack. I then retrieved a small black folding ‘buck’ knife from the inside pocket of her back pack. As I placed hand cuffs on Ms. Tang I noticed that her jacket was covered with blood. Ms. Tangs jacket was removed from her and seized as evidence. Ms. Tangs back pack appeared to have blood stains on it and it was also seized as evidence.

I asked Ms. Tang if she had any ID with her and she indicated her ID was in her back pack. Ms. Tang had a MIT ID. After obtaining basic information (name, dob, address), I then asked Ms. Tang what her relationship was to the victim? Ms. Tang stated she was in a dating relationship for about eight months with Mr. Styke. Ms. Tang stated her relationship with Mr. Styke had ended about three weeks ago. I asked Ms. Tang what time she arrived at this location and she stated she arrived at 12:00AM this morning. Ms. Tang stated she used a free shuttle bus from her campus at Wellesley to get to MIT. Although enrolled at Wellesley, Ms. Tang stated used a free shuttle bus from her campus at Wellesley to get to MIT. Although enrolled at Wellesley, Ms. Tang stated she also takes classes at MIT. I asked Ms. Tang what she did after arriving here and she stated she ‘read for a while’ and then ‘took a nap’. As she was stating this she indicated with body language that she had been in this lobby area the whole time. I then asked what happened next and Ms. Tang stated after she woke up she went down stairs to the security guard and asked for a key to Mr. Styke’s room. The security guard provided her with a key and she stated she then went into Mr. Stykes room. Ms. Tang stated the security guard, Mr. Novello, came up to Mr. Styke’s room, knocked on the door and asked for the key back. Ms. Tang stated she gave the key and Mr. Novello left. I asked Ms. Tang if Mr. Styke’s was awake before Mr. Novello had knocked on the door? Ms. Tang stated ‘no’, that she believed he was a sleep. I asked Ms. Tang if Mr. Styke was awake or a sleep when she stabbed him? Ms. Tang stated that he was a sleep when she ‘did it’. I asked her where the knife was that she used to stab Mr. Styke’s and she stated that she was ‘unsure’ as during the assault she lost control of it. Ms. Tang stated the knife may have dropped on the floor. Ms. Tang stated when she lost the knife she then grabbed a a second knife and attempted to stab Mr. Stykes . Ms. Tang stated she was not sure if she actually stabbed Mr. Stykes with the second knife, but she did indicate that she tried. I asked Mr. Tang if she obtained the knifes from inside Mr. Styke’s room and she stated that she brought them with her. I asked her if she had brought three knifes with her and she stated she ‘yes’

Ms. Tang stated she had a wound to her left ring finger. It was a laceration that was bleeding. Ms. Tang stated she received the wound during her assault on Mr. Stykes. She was given a towel and EMS was contacted.

Pro-Ambulance EMT’s arrived on scene and treated and transported Ms. Tang to CCH.

I spoke with Mr. Novello who stated he is the Night Watchman for this dorm. Mr. Novello stated he was unsure of the time but believed it was about 5:30am when Ms. Tang approached him and asked for the key to Mr. Stykes room. Mr. Novello stated he was aware that Ms. Tang was Mr. Stykes girl friend but was not aware they had broken up. Mr. Novello gave Ms. Tang the key. MR. Novello then went to Mr. Stykes room to get his key back. Mr. Novello stated he knocked on the door, Ms. Tang answered and returned the key. At that time Mr. Novello stated nothing seemed wrong and he returned to his desk on the first floor.

Det. Boyle and Shawn Dolan from CID/Crime scene services were contacted and arrived to process the scene.

Sergeant Peterson and I went to MGH to speak with the victim. We located Mr. Stykes in the emergency room where he was being attended to by Dr. R. Phillips. Dr. Phillips stated Mr. Stykes had suffered seven stab wounds to various locations on his body. Mr. Stykes had stab wounds to his neck, chest, right upper arm, left rear shoulder and left leg. At this time Dr. Phillips stated Mr. Styke’s wounds were severe but not life threatening.

We then spoke with Mr. Stykes. Mr. Stykes stated he was sleeping on his stomach when he was woken by the feeling of a person on his back. He stated it felt like some one was kneeling on him. Mr. Stykes also stated he felt sharp pain but at first he did not know what it was. He then rolled over and stated he recognized Ms. Tang and realized that she had a knife in her hand and was stabbing him. Mr. Stykes stated he was able to sit up and physically push Ms. Tang off the bed. Mr. Stykes stated he was able to get up and walk over to his desk where his cell phone was located and called 911. Mr. Stykes stated Ms. Tang just walked out of his room. He conveyed this information to ECC and stayed on the line until we arrived.

Mr. Stykes confirmed he was in a dating relationship with Ms. Tang. He also confirmed that they had ended the relationship about three weeks ago.

Officer Valentin brought Patrol camera #2/PT #6 to the scene. I took a number of photos from out side the room, including the hallway.

All evidence seized, Back pack, jacket, knife and the photos taken were submitted to the property room.

MIT Police: Sgt. C. Martin, Sgt. J. Popp, Officers Casacoro, O’connor, Debenedictis, Munley and Kirehdorfer.

Cambridge Fire Department: S-2 Lt. Arseault, Morrison, E-2 Lt. Anderson

Pro-Ambulance: Paramedics N. Bernard and T. Torres