News Briefs

Twenty Percent Donate In Underclassmen Giving

Approximately 20 percent of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors donated to this year’s Underclassmen Giving Campaign last week, topping the participation rate of last fall. A total of $3,521 was raised to fund Public Service Center expedition grants for the January Independent Activities Period.

The giving campaign, which lasts two weeks — one week during the fall semester and one week during the spring — was first piloted last year. The pilot was considered successful as the goal of 20 percent participation over the course of those two weeks was met.

During the first week of last year’s campaign, approximately 15 percent of underclassmen donated about $2,500. The two-week total last year was $3,880. This money funded about nine PSC grants, said Rosheen B. Kavanagh of the MIT Alumni Association. Kavanagh is in charge of the UGC and the Senior Gift.

This year, students gave a total of 630 gifts, with 31 percent of freshmen donating $1,770, 17 percent of sophomores donating $1,035, and 12 percent of juniors donating $715.

An addition to this year’s campaign was the ability for students to donate online; approximately 50 students donated online. All other students donated in Lobby 10 last week.

The UGC was started to develop a sense of philanthropy among underclassmen at MIT, as seniors contribute to the Senior Gift. The class project and goals for the Class of 2008’s Senior Gift will be announced on Nov. 8, Kavanagh said.

—Angeline Wang