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Many Happy Returns

Many Happy Returns

Following the overcast Columbus Day holiday, a lingering low pressure system has been responsible for our recent spate of showers. Later today, the storm will migrate into Maine, but its effects will still be felt: cyclonic winds will remain gusty into Saturday. These strong winds will pull in dry air from Canada, and by early next week a high pressure ridge will cover New England, ushering in clear autumn skies.

The departure of last week’s unseasonably warm weather has left cooler temperatures in its wake. October marks the beginning of nor’easter season, when low pressure areas of warm, moist air from the Gulf Stream collide with cold Arctic air, producing an extratropical cyclone centered off the New England coast. Nor’easters are accompanied by varying amounts of precipitation, ranging from light rain to torrential downpours.

Elsewhere in the country, surface troughs stretch from the Dakotas to Texas, with minor associated storms. By Tuesday of next week, GFS predicts a strong low pressure system to sweep into the Pacific Northwest. Also on the radar are a couple of potential upsets (South Carolina 23, UNC 17; UCF 38, USF 35). Kentucky lacks the defense to keep up with legitimate national title contenders (LSU 28, UK 14) and Michigan will finally stop a spread offense (Purdue 6, Michigan 17).

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Cooler, gusty winds. Low 49°F (9°C).

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, scattered showers. High 65°F (18°C).

Tomorrow night: Partly cloudy, lingering rain. Low 50°F (10°C).

Sunday: Scattered clouds, cooler. High 60°F (16°C).