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Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere)

Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere)

The reversal of seasons between hemispheres should not be a surprise to most educated people in the world (although we are reminded of a famous educational experiment in which Harvard graduates failed to give a good reason for why this happens). As we entered the autumn season in the northern hemisphere, the winter came to an end in the southern hemisphere. The sun being close to the equator this time of the year makes the mean temperatures similar across the same latitudes in both hemispheres. According to this simple rule, we should find that locations in the southern hemisphere around 42° of latitude have about the same temperatures as we are experiencing in Boston.

However, locations in the southern hemisphere at the same latitude as Boston are relatively colder this year by approximately 3°C. The thermal inertia of the ocean is the main reason for these colder temperatures. Taking into account the unseasonably warm temperatures that we have being experiencing in Boston the past few weeks the difference grows to approximately 5–7°C. To find a place in the southern hemisphere where temperatures are similar to Boston’s temperatures this week, we would have to go as far north as Buenos Aires, Argentina or Canberra, Australia which are located at about 35 S.

Weather in Boston this week continues to look dry because of the strong blocking high located off the coast (1032 mb). Clouds mixed with sunshine can be expected for the next few days with temperatures that will be warm for this time of the year.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 58°F (14°C).

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 72°F (22°C).

Thursday: Mostly sunny. Low 60°F (16°C). High 78°F (26°C).