Class of 2011 Council Candidates

Class of 2011 Council Candidates

Members of the Class of 2011 can vote at by Thursday, Oct. 4.

Position Candidates
President Christina R. Johnson

Dan Chen

Daniel C. Li

Grant D. Tomassi

Kevin A. Rustagi

Vice President Anshul Bhagi

Jonathan H. Blackwood

Sojung C. Lee

Treasurer Charles Huang

Sameer A. Hirji

Sivakami Sambasivam

Spencer J. Currie

Secretary Kevin L. Chou

Lulu Wang

Sonya Makhni

Publicity Chairs Brienne A. Kugler and Rose E. Yu

Carolyn L. Wang and Hway (Helen) Chen

May Liu and Sheena Bhalla

Social Chairs Emma M. Rosen and Jeff Zhao