Daily Confusion

Friday, September 7, 2007


08:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Breakfast by Invitation: A simple breakfast — by invitation only


11:00—Nu Delta—Lunch on the Student Center Steps

11:30—Alpha Tau Omega—Lunch at ATO: Eat lunch with the brothers of ATO at our convenient on-campus location.


12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch


17:30—Epsilon Theta—Human Chess — You might be a pawn or a queen, but you can’t take another piece unless you triumph in hand-to-hand pseudo combat! Deep Blue would never win at human chess. Come battle it out or cheer on the players. Catch our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass Ave. at 4:15 or 5:15 p.m.

17:30—Chi Phi—Cape Cod Trip: Trip to Cape Cod with BBQ and bonfire.

17:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—Friday Night Dinner: Coast through the rest of Rush with the Brothers, Rush Girls, and some family-style food.


18:00—Delta Upsilon—Dave & Busters: Enjoy all of the games, pool, entertainment, and food that Dave & Busters has to offer with the brothers of DU.

18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Bid Dinner: Invite Only

18:00—WILG—It’s dinnertime! Roast beef dinner and veggie casserole.

18:15—pika—Pika invites you to: Dinner! Come to the central social event at our house. Dinner will be themed by culture, color, or method of cooking. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

18:30—Delta Tau Delta—Bid Dinner


19:00—Epsilon Theta—Make Your Own Pizza — We’ve got dough, sauce, toppings, and two large ovens. Come try for yourself, whether it’s pepperoni or peppers. Our Big Silver Van stops outside Lobby 7 at 4:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.

19:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Bid Dinner

19:00—pika—Pika invites you to: Celebrate Friday by going bowling with us. Throw heavy balls and knock things down. The group leaves pika at 7 p.m.. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house (and the bowling alley)!;

19:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—Bid Night Steak and Salmon Dinner: Hors d’Oeuvres, dinner, hang-outtery, and music. Chillin’. (at the house)

19:00—Beta Theta Pi—Beta Formal: Grab a tie. Grab a date. Join the brothers for our invitation only Formal.

19:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Charthouse Dinner: Fine dining at Boston’s Harbor

19:00—Sigma Nu—Bid Dinner: Invite only — Formal Bid dinner with alumni

19:00—Zeta Psi—Zetes on the Town (Invite Only): There are a lot of great restaurants in the area, but they all cost too much. You’d probably never go. So we’ll pay for it. Sweet deal, huh?

19:30—Kappa Sigma—Dinner In Faneuil Hall: Join us for our Bid Night Dinner at one of Faneuil Hall’s oldest and greatest: Durgin Park. Located conveniently close to Boston’s best comedy club, Comedy Connection


20:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Dinner at Hooters

20:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Roof Deck Fondue: Love dessert? Love meeting new people? All on the same roof deck?! Join us for a mixer with another one of our favorite MIT sororities and their new ’11 class!

20:00—Sigma Chi—Improve Asylum: Fun improv show

20:00—Theta Delta Chi—Boston Tattoo Convention: Join a couple of tattoo-covered brothers that are heading to this convention to show off their work and see what they want to ink next.

20:00—WILG—Desserts in the North End: a trip to Mike’s Pastry, anyone?


21:00—Epsilon Theta—Truffle Making — You can’t go wrong with chocolate and good company. Get up to your elbows in powdered sugar with the hapless chocolatiers at ET. Our Big Silver Van picks up at 77 Mass Ave. at 7:55 p.m.

21:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Scavenger Hunt: Explore MIT and Cambridge while searching for everything on your list with ADP brothers.

21:00—Phi Delta Theta—Road Rally: A tour of Boston. Phi Delts style.

21:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Good Time Arcade and Laser Tag: Laser tag, pool, arcade games, and batting cages … what better way to spend a Friday night?

21:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Neutral Buoyancy Party: There will be food. There will be fun. There will be partying. But most of all, there will be helium.

21:30—Kappa Sigma—Comedy Connection: Come cap off Rush Week with us at one of the country’s best comedy clubs, Comedy Connection. Afterwards, we’ll head over to Boston’s famous North End for some late-night Italian Pastries.


22:00—Epsilon Theta—Dramatic Readings — “I must admit, you are better then I.” “Then why are you smiling?” “There is something you must know. I am not left-handed!” Come join us in a dramatic reading and re-enactment of the most-entertaining scenes from The Princess Bride!

22:00—Fenway House—Beatnik Poetry Night. Bad poetry. Good beverages. Wear black.


23:00—Epsilon Theta—Clue (the movie) — Hey, it may be a really bad movie, but it will be funnier with homegrown commentary. Come and share your witty observations or just laugh when it gets too silly.

23:00—Zeta Psi—Night Ultimate: Meet at Zeta Psi before heading out to the turf.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


00:00—pika—Pika invites you to: CELEBRATE PIRATE DAY at pika! Keep your eyes open for piratical-themed events, food, and fun throughout the day. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans today, and say “arrrrrrrrrr”!;


10:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Hampton Beach Trip: Fun in the Sun at the pristine Hampton Beach. Join the Brothers and Rush Girls for one last beach trip before summer ends (and MIT is covered in three feet of snow)

10:00—Sigma Nu—Beach Trip: Trip to Revere Beach for the day


11:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—Bicycle Jousting and Sumo Wrestling: We guarantee it’s safe.

11:00—Chi Phi—Mt. Cardigan Trip: Hike on Mount Cardigan

11:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Harbor Cruise to George’s Island: Enjoy a relaxing harbor cruise and picnic on George’s Island, home to an old military fort on Boston Harbor.

11:00—WILG—Picnic on Boston Common!


12:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—BBQ Lunch

12:30—Epsilon Theta—Lunch — Come join us for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Mmmm ... You can meet our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass. Ave. at 12:15 p.m.


13:00—Fenway House—Food Fight! Sick of free food being thrown at you constantly? Throw some back! Wear some clothes you want dirty and join the war. We might even eat some non-projectile food afterwards.

13:30—Epsilon Theta—Rollerbladin’ through Brookline — Are you a terror on wheels? Never been on rollerblades before? Either way, come give it a try, and roll away with us. Our Big Silver Van picks up at 77 Mass Ave. at 1:30 p.m.


14:00—Epsilon Theta—Boffer Weapon Construction — Did you enjoy playing with boffer weapons? Want to prepare yourself for the next nerf war? Then come make your own weapon! We have all the materials, including some very colorful duct tape. Van pickup at 77 Mass Ave. at 1:30.

14:00—pika—Pika invites you to: Go sailing with us. Meet us at the sailing pavilion at 2 PM — no knowledge of sailing required, but willingness to say “arrr” helps. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at the Sailing Pavilion!;


15:00—WILG—Trip to the Garment District: find crazy clothes at $1.50 a pound. Yes, you read that correctly.


17:00—Alpha Epsilon Pi—Bonfire Trip


18:00—Epsilon Theta—Dinner — Join us today for our special Thanksgiving Dinner. Yes, we know it’s not November. But you like turkey anyways. Our Big Silver Van picks up at 77 Mass Ave. at 4:15 and 5:15.

18:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Semi-Formal Dinner Cooked by the Brothers: Put on your best suit, invite a date, and enjoy a classy semi-formal dinner presented by PBE

18:00—WILG—It’s dinnertime! Chicken and eggplant parmesan.

18:15—pika—Pika invites you to: say “Arrrr”, ye lubbers, and have a nautical-themed dinner! Set sail for adventures in the 17th Century. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;


19:00—Zeta Psi—Hard Rock Café Boston (Invite Only): After a busy week, relax, rock out, enjoy some great food and get psyched for Hard Rock Café as you’ve never experienced it!

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—the infamous tEp CROCK: A comic-rock-opera put on by our alumni each year. Come for dinner and stay for the humor!


20:00—Epsilon Theta—Battleship Twister — You might want to leave your high heels at home for this one. Battleship Twister is another ET-creation and a most enjoyable game. Will you sink my battleship? Red 3 ... HIT! You can catch our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass Ave. at 6:55 or 7:55 p.m.

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Tour of Boston: Join us for a walking tour of downtown Boston at night, ending with delicious desserts at Mike’s Pastries!

20:00—WILG—Cheesecake & A Cappella: cute boys and more varieties of cheesecake than the Cheesecake Factory.


21:00—pika—Pika invites you to: Pirates vs. Navy: Capture the flag. Play capture the flag with piratical rules. Meet in Lobby 10 at 9 PM. Come chase after power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans during an awesome game.;

Sunday, September 9, 2007


11:00—Epsilon Theta—Corn Maze — What is your favorite way of solving a maze? Is it wall following? Genetic algorithms? Tremaux’s algorithm? Try it out in a life-sized corn maze! Join ET as we head to a farm and get lost in a pleasant maze. Catch our Big Silver Van outside Lobby 7 at 10:55 a.m.

11:00—Fenway House—I miss my Sunday morning cartoons. Come eat cereal.

11:00—WILG—Dim Sum Run


12:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Picnic at Larz Anderson Park: An old-fashioned picnic at one of Boston’s nicest parks featuring football, frisbee, and more.


14:00—WILG—Afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts: bring your MIT I.D. with you.


18:00—Epsilon Theta—Dinner — Dumple, dumple, dumplings! We’ll have more dumplings than you can shake a stick at, including some vegetarian ones. Pass the soy sauce. Our Big Silver Van stops outside Lobby 7 at 4:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.

18:00—WILG—It’s dinnertime! Chicken curry; vegetarian option available.


19:00—Epsilon Theta—Sunset Watching — Are you a sunrise or sunset kind of person? Either way, join us to watch the sunset from our observation area (uh, roof).

19:30—Epsilon Theta—Ballroom Dancing — Even if you’ve never danced a step in your life, our resident ballroom dancing aficionados will show you how to cha-cha, swing, tango, or at least fake it pretty well. Our Big Silver Van meets at 77 Mass Ave. at 6:55 p.m.


23:00—Epsilon Theta—S’mores Around the Fire — Mmmmm ... marshmallows! Come sit by our lovely fireplace and make some delicious chocolate treats. Or stay up late paying board games.

Monday, September 10, 2007


18:00—WILG—It’s dinnertime! Baked potato bar and chili; vegetarian option available.


19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Haus Food


20:00—WILG—Fondue & Games: I see a set!


21:00—Fenway House—Fenway Lecture Series: Topic TBA


22:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Cocoa @ tEp