Summer Housing Results In, Some Rooms Still Available

The results of the undergraduate summer housing lottery were released this past Tuesday, with over 96 percent of students who applied for summer housing receiving their first choice of dormitory. In all, 685 students applied for summer housing, with 35 cancelling so far. Last year, 750 people applied for the lottery.

Students who had entered the lottery were notified of the results by e-mail. Senior Segue results were also sent out, with 75 out of 77 juniors receiving graduate housing.

New House was the only dormitory that filled all of its summer housing spots. Undergraduate Housing Coordinator Carol Bailey said that the availability of air conditioning in New House may be one of the reasons why New House will be filled to capacity.

Not all student rooms are available for students to stay in during the summer because some of the rooms are reserved for participants in MIT conference programs and some parts of dormitories may be closed for minor renovations during the summer.

However, Assistant Director of Housing Robin Smedick said that “Our priority is to house our own students,” and added that Housing was still accepting summer housing applications from students.

Rents for summer housing ranges from $1,784 to $2,257 and covers the time period from June 11 to Aug. 12, but students with summer housing do not have to move off of campus on Saturday, May 26, the designated end of spring housing, according to Smedick.

Smedick also said that undergraduates who have summer housing and will be living on campus in the fall can make arrangements to move to their fall room assignments for the reminder of the summer after Aug. 12, without paying the daily rate of $25-$30 per night.

Students assigned summer housing have until May 15 to cancel their reservation.

Senior Segue

Of the 77 juniors who applied for Senior Segue, 75 were placed in one of the four participating graduate dormitories: Ashdown, Sidney-Pacific, Tang, and The Warehouse (NW30).

According to Smedick, in all “23 listed [The] Warehouse as their first choice,” but there were only 15 available spots in Warehouse. The two unassigned students listed Warehouse as their only choice, Smedick said.

Smedick said five people were placed in Ashdown, 38 in SidPac, 17 in Tang, and 15 in Warehouse.

The participating seniors pay undergraduate rates, but get to live in the graduate dormitories. Senior Segue is intended to reduce crowding in undergraduate dormitories, Smedick said.

Last year, 78 of the 95 juniors who applied to Senior Segue were assigned to a graduate dormitory.

To submit an application for undergraduate summer housing, visit