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Giant Frogs! Giant Frogs!

Giant Frogs! Giant Frogs!

In the midst of several cold spells that have brought temperatures around 10°F cooler than climatology, as well as the first major snowstorm of the year, we are looking at some incoming precipitation that presents a bit of a challenge.

The placement of the line between rain and snow at the surface can be difficult for forecasters. The uncertainties in this are visible for the next few days over New England. For the Boston metro area, we are expecting rain in the afternoon, transitioning into snow through the evening and into the night. The cloudiness should also help keep the overnight temperatures elevated.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: More rain, moving to non-accumulating snow. Low 35°F (2°C).

Tomorrow: Should see some sun, but blustery. High 43°F (6°C).

Thursday: Might snow. High 37°F (3°C).