Undergraduate Association Goals Checklist For Spring 2007 SemesterThis list outlines the goals and objectives set by the UA for the current semester. The tasks are divided and listed by committee.

Undergraduate Association Goals Checklist For Spring 2007 Semester This list outlines the goals and objectives set by the UA for the current semester. The tasks are divided and listed by committee.

UA Executive Branch

¶ Advanced notification of textbooks on course listing Web site

¶ Facilitate access to course syllabi over Stellar for entire undergraduate community, regardless of registration settings

¶ Comprehensive audit of Association of Student Activities, Class Councils, and Baker Foundation funding boards to ensure efficient and equitable allocation of funds and minimize bureaucratic waste

¶ Increase funds available to Finance Board for funding of student activities

¶ Organize weekly UA visits at dormitories and Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups to increase communication and visibility

UA Athletics Committee

¶ Evaluate student satisfaction with current DAPER policies and facility management arrangement

UA Student Space Planning Committee

¶ Discussion sessions with student groups

¶ Work with ASA to prioritize W20 student space upgrades

¶ Publish report on on-campus student space

UA Student Committee on Educational Policy

¶ Evaluate student opinions on term regulations

¶ Inform students of regulations through Know Your Rights Week (early March)

¶ Evaluate gender and racial equality in terms of academic performance and retention

¶ Produce an advisory report compiling undergraduate feedback regarding Educational Task Force recommendations

UA Nominations Committee

¶ Improve the questions in the pre-interview process to be more committee specific

¶ Employ the new NomComm Institute/Faculty Committee blog

¶ Document committee selection criteria and policies

UA Committee on Student Life

¶ Publish an evaluative report on MIT Medical

¶ Conduct Wellness Week to raise awareness of mental and physical health issues on campus

¶ Institutionalize Mentorship Program to ensure its autonomous continuance

¶ Screen on the Green

UA Finance Board

¶ Improve the FinBoard web site and increase its visibility

¶ Increase advertising for the Start-up Fund

UA Committee on Orientation

¶ Work with the SLOPE Committee in helping to plan Orientation 2007

¶ Lead the planning on the Tuesday night event for Orientation 2007 that will be the analog to last year’s Boston “T” Party

¶ Assist the Virtual Campus Preview Weekend project for students who cannot make CPW

¶ Work with the administration to implement changes as recommended by UA Report on Orientation

UA Committee on Housing

¶ Publish an undergraduate response to the 2006 Culture House report

¶ Investigate differed maintenance, including Next House hot water

¶ Work with Housing and Dormitory Council to increase the number of early returns given to dormitory residents during Residential Exploration

UA Dining Committee

¶ Evaluate breakfast/late night dining options

¶ Investigate exemption from preferred dining for affiliated undergraduates