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No Warm-up in Sight

No Warm-up in Sight

Even though Wednesday's Valentine's Day Storm is long gone, the low-pressure is leaving behind windy conditions. The system continued to strengthen over Nova Scotia yesterday causing the pressure gradient to increase and consequently the blustery conditions that will stay with us for another 24 hours. For any curious readers, the 2.5 inches of snowfall in Boston brings the total to 4.3 inches this season. (According to one TV meteorologist, the record lowest snowfall total for the entire season is 9 inches.)

With forecasters and computer models showing a more west to east pattern in the jet stream for the next 10 days, breaking the record is not far-fetched. However, with winds generally from the west, warmer air will stay to our South , thus no significant warm-up is in sight. Also, such a pattern does not allow storms to tap into moisture-rich regions such as the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, with no precipitation and fresh snow (sky country got over a foot of snow from the storm), this Presidents' Days Weekend sounds like the perfect time to go skiing.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Partly cloudy and remaining blustery. Low 18°F (-8°C).

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny, not as cool. High 34°F (1°C).

Sunday: Mostly cloudy. High 34°F (1°C).

Monday: Mostly sunny, colder. High 23°F (-5°C).