Protestors march from Cambridge City Hall to MIT calling for end to Israeli intervention in Gaza

Numerous student and local activism groups from the Boston area participated, including some from MIT

10319 rafah protest 1
Pro-Palestine protestors in front of Lobby 7, Saturday. The group, which convened in front of Cambridge City Hall to protest the developing situation in Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip, marched to MIT.
Ellie Montemayor–The Tech
10320 rafah protest 2
Protesters gather on Massachusetts Ave outside Lobby 7, rallying in support for Palestine, Saturday, March 2
Kate Lu–The Tech

On March 2, thousands congregated in front of Cambridge City Hall as part of a nationwide rally in support of a ceasefire in Gaza. The protest had numerous student and local activism groups from the Boston area including MIT, and was one of over 60 marches coordinated across the United States that day under a so-called Global Day of Action.

The nationwide event, titled “Hands Off Rafah,” came after the Israeli government announced that its forces would move into Rafah, a city in the Gaza Strip. This particular contingent of the nationwide demonstration was organized by the Boston Coalition for Palestine.

The protestors convened at 1 P.M., obstructing Mass. Ave between Inman St and Bigelow St while police established barricades around the crowd. Many waved Palestinian flags and signs calling for an end of the Israeli intervention in Gaza, and several addressed the crowd, speaking about their experiences with Islamophobia and the ongoing war. Some attendees glued posters referencing the war in Gaza on surfaces in front of the City Hall.

Flanked by police, the demonstration continued down Mass. Ave. The group was led by a pickup truck retrofitted with speakers as some led chants. Bus lines and traffic routes were diverted as the march occupied the street.

By 3 PM, the protestors reached Vassar St. “MIT, you can’t hide — you’re supporting genocide,” the protestors chanted as they marched into campus, reaching the crosswalk in-between Building 7 and the Stratton Student Center.

“We cannot forget that MIT partially suspended their students that were peacefully protesting for Palestine in November,” one atop the leading pickup truck said.

The protestors climbed up the steps in front of Lobby 7 by 3:15 P.M., and continued with the rally’s roster of speakers.

An MIT graduate student spoke on topics including previous rights movements held on MIT’s campus, the Institute’s links to defense organizations, research tied to the conflict, and the suspension of the MIT Coalition Against Apartheid (CAA).

“MIT, every decision you’ve made about these students of conscience have been at the expense and infringement of our rights… I want to end this with a message to the MIT and their admin: you can try to unjust me, and cowardly suppress and suspend these students — but you will never suspend the movement,” the student said.

The rally ended shortly after 4 PM.