MIT releases 2024 Quality of Life Survey

In an email dated Feb. 15, President Sally Kornbluth encouraged the MIT community to complete the 2024 MIT Quality of Life Survey. The biennial survey is the first that has been conducted by Kornbluth’s administration. 

Kornbluth wrote that results from the survey will “inform decisions” in areas ranging from academic workloads to student wellbeing. She added that the survey is of particular importance as “we work to foster community, civility, and mutual respect on campus, in the spirit of our MIT Values.” 

Those who answer the survey have the opportunity to rate the campus climate and answer open-ended questions that pertain to experiences with antisemitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hatred based on national origin, religion or ethnicity. Other questions pertaining to student wellbeing are also asked. 

Prizes will be awarded to randomly drawn participants: 10 will receive prizes valued at $500, and 750 others will get prizes worth $25.