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A rainy end to the first week of IAP

As we close out the first week of IAP, make sure you grab an umbrella on your way to your Thursday and Friday activities! A mid-latitude cyclone is developing along the east coast which will bring both rain and cold air over the next few days. As this cold air mass passes over us, expect temperatures to drop to near freezing again over the weekend.

For weather elsewhere in the United States, the same mid-latitude cyclone is bringing rain and snow all along the east coast over the next few days from Florida to Maine. There is also a marginal to slight chance for tornados, thunderstorms, and strong winds associated with this system for northern Georgia and Alabama. Stay safe and dry everyone!

Today: Scattered showers. Noon high around 38 degrees (3°C). Southeast winds around 10-18 mph.
Tonight: Rain. Overnight high around 44 degrees (7°C). Winds from the south around 15 mph.
Friday: Morning showers, followed by clouds. High around 54 degrees (12°C), low around 36 degrees (2°C). Winds from the southwest 20-25mph.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High around 34 degrees (1°C), low around 26 degrees (-3°C). Winds from the northwest 8-15mph.
Sunday: Sunny. High around 36 degrees (2°C), low around 26 degrees (-3°C). Winds from the north 8-15mph.