MIT alumni can receive ID card to access campus buildings

Survey sent to solicit community feedback on building access scenarios

MIT alumni have been granted access to campus buildings via a digital or physical alumni MIT ID card. This new policy has been in place since the week of Oct. 17.

In addition to access to non-residential buildings on campus, the ID provides alumni free entry at the MIT Museum, along with one free guest, and privileges at the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center and MIT Libraries.

Alumni can receive their alumni ID digitally or physically. To receive a digital ID, alumni must login to the Tim Tickets mobile app with their Infinite Connection credentials. After logging in, alumni can activate their mobile ID, which serves as a digital ID card and can be used in conjunction with a mobile wallet app.​​

Alumni can also receive a physical ID card by printing one from self-service kiosks across campus by using a QR code located in the Tim Tickets app. Alumni that wish to receive a physical ID card without using the Tim Tickets app may contact the Atlas Service Center via email, phone, or in-person services to print a physical card.

For alumni that are current students, faculty, or staff and that have active Kerberos IDs, they may receive an alumni ID by activating their access in COVID Pass in the Atlas app.

Alumni that have active Kerberos IDs but are not current students or employees should contact the MIT Service Desk or specific building access approvers.

Provost Cynthia Barnhart PhD ’88 and Executive Vice President and Treasurer Glen Shor invited MIT community members to participate in a survey on campus access Oct. 4–14. The survey was meant to help MIT examine its policies with respect to building access and included questions soliciting feedback on community preferences and safety concerns for a variety of building access scenarios. The scenarios included 24/7 general public access to all non-residential buildings as well as general public access to all non-residential buildings during limited hours.

Building access policies for non-MIT ID holders remain in place, with most campus buildings accessible only via MIT ID. Visitors may only enter buildings when escorted by an MIT ID holder or when using Tim Tickets.

Additionally, nine buildings are open to the general public, including the first floors of the Ray and Maria Stata Center and Koch Institute, the List Visual Arts Center, the MIT Museum, the MIT Welcome Center, the Stratton Student Center, and the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center.