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Anything but cloudy

While the Great Lakes region and the tip of Florida will see some rain, Boston will remain sunny with southwesterly winds. Some clouds will roll in this weekend in time for the Head of the Charles. If you did not have time to go to the Arboretum last weekend, don’t miss out this weekend on watching the fall regatta and enjoying the vibrantly colored leaves. 

This week is momentous for many reasons: MIT D-Lab is celebrating twenty years of creative existence, Venera 9 successfully landed and sent the first images of the surface of Venus in 1975, Alabama hit freezing point before Montana for the first time since 1934, and I completed one year as a Meteorologist for The Tech. Also of note, BC’s hosting its annual ABC party, a possible moment of respite in the busy bee life of MIT students.

Extended forecast: 
Today (Thursday morning): Sunny. High around 56°F (13°C). Winds 11–16 mph in the southwest. 
Tonight (Thursday night): Mostly clear. Low around 43°F (6°C). Winds 7–13 mph. 
Friday: Sunny. High around 61°F (16°C) and low around 48°F (9°C). Winds 6–10 in the southwest.
Saturday: Cloudy. High around 67°F (19°C) and low around 49°F (9°C). Winds 7–10mph in the southwest.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy. High around 63°F (17°C) and low around 53°F (12°C). Winds 5–7 mph in the northeast.