Meet the prefrosh

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Students accepted into MIT's Class of 2026 arrive at Boston Logan Airport for Campus Preview Weekend, Thursday.
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CPW attendees celebrate the birthdays of their peers during the welcome event on Thursday.

MIT is hosting the first in-person Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) in three years Thursday, April 7 to Sunday, April 10. 

CPW is a combined effort between MIT Admissions and campus academic offices, departments, student groups, and residence halls. In the past, CPW — and the online variant, CP* — has encompassed over 200 student-run events and around 60 academic events. This year’s CPW guide includes more than 60 pages of events. 

The Tech spoke with several CPW attendees about their experiences and impressions of MIT.

Michelle Park recounted meeting her CPW host, sharing that her host and all the upperclassmen she met were “screeching” in excitement to meet her. Park also enjoyed seeing the murals in Random Hall, where she is hosted. She said that meeting other admitted students was exciting; she had met several students virtually at a summer camp last year, and remarked that Zoom had distorted peoples’ voices and skewed her perceptions of their heights.

Shreya Chaudhary sat in on lectures for 6.115 (Microcomputer Project Lab) and 3.021 (Introduction to Modeling and Simulation) and attended The Tech’s open house. She commented that everything at MIT felt “big” in contrast to her high school’s graduating class of 32.

Olivia Tang’s first event of the day was Grillz and Hairdyeing, hosted by East Campus. She found the dorm to be “friendly” and full of “really nice people.” One thing that surprised her was how social she found herself to be. MIT is her “dream school” and she commented that the people at the Institute are “very eccentric” and “matches [her] personality well.”