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Holiday rays will stay — dismay!

Record warmth is arriving this week along with the start of meteorological winter! What a strange time of year. A ridge of high pressure is affecting much of the country, inhibiting the formation of clouds and letting sunny days take over this week. Maybe it’s not too late to wear your warmer fall clothes one last time! 

Although January is historically Boston’s snowiest month, we are a little overdue on recording our first measurable snow on the ground. On average, Boston usually receives its first measurable snow on November 29th. The first hints of snow over Thanksgiving break were exciting for many of us, but we’ll have to wait just a couple more weeks for some stronger storms to accumulate and to turn our campus wintery white!

Extended forecast:
Thursday: A chance of showers, then foggy. High around 55°F (13°C). Winds around 10 mph from the south. 
Thursday night: Slight chance of showers, then cloudy. Low around 39°F (4°C). Winds around 16 mph from the west. 
Friday: Mostly sunny, with a high around 43°F (6°C) and low around 29°F (-2°C). Winds around 17 mph, weakening later in the day. Saturday: Mostly sunny. High around 42°F (6°C) and low around 27°F (-3°C). Winds around 9 mph. 
Sunday: Mostly sunny, then chance of showers. High around 43°F (6°C) and low around 35°F (2°C). Winds around 8 mph.