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Next Haunt 2021 took place Oct. 29–30 and Nov. 5–6, with a theme of escaping a haunted mine while searching for treasure.

9687 nexthaunt1
A wild west skeleton on the wall greets Next Haunt riders.
Alexa-Rae Simao
9688 nexthaunt2
Ghastly zombies spooked riders as they braved the haunted mine of Next Haunt.
Alexa-Rae Simao
9689 nexthaunt3
Next Haunt riders discover an abandoned cart filled with coal during their adventure.
Alexa-Rae Simao
9690 nexthaunt4
A Next Haunt clue is illuminated in the dark, abandoned mine.
Alexa-Rae Simao
9691 nexthaunt5
Wanted posters hang on the walls of the Next Haunt mine, depicting criminals who may have taken off with the treasure riders seek.
Alexa-Rae Simao
9692 nexthaunt6
A collection of keys hang on the mine walls as riders puzzle over which doors they unlock.
Alexa-Rae Simao