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Showers clearing up in time for Independence Day

As storms and heavy rain persist through the southern and eastern U.S., several states such as Michigan, Central Texas, and Illinois are experiencing much-needed drought relief. At the same time, the risk of flash flooding threatens much of the eastern U.S. In the Pacific Northwest, record-breaking high temperatures continue to scorch Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and parts of Canada, worsened by the long-term drought. Water conservation efforts are in effect, limiting the times when we can water our lawns and take showers. 

Whether you are trying to celebrate Independence Day in the middle of a heat wave or through the tail of a wave of storms, we hope you’ll try to keep yourself and your loved ones safe! Don’t leave fires unsupervised, and consider some weather-safe alternatives to barbecues and fireworks. Make sure to enjoy the mostly sunny weather outside over the long weekend! 

Extended Forecast:
Thursday: Showers likely and chance of thunderstorms. High around 83°F (28°C). West winds 5–7 mph, lessening in the afternoon. 
Thursday night: Showers likely and patchy fog with possibility of thunderstorms. Low around 65°F (18°C). South winds around 5 mph; new rainfall amounts between 1/2–3/4 inch possible. 
Friday: Showers likely and patchy fog. High around 68°F (20°C) and low around 60°F (16°C). Winds northeast at 7–10 mph with gusts as high as 20 mph. 
Saturday: Chance showers with a high of 66°F (19°C) and low around 59°F (15°C). Mostly cloudy; winds in the northeast around 6–10 mph. 
Sunday: Chance showers, and otherwise mostly sunny. High near 72°F (22°C) and low near 61°F (16°C). North wind around 6 mph transitioning to southeast in the evening.