2,425 undergraduate students to live on campus in Spring

Approximately 2,425 undergraduate students are living on campus this Spring, Housing & Residential Services Communications Manager Zachary Tsetsos wrote in an email to The Tech Feb. 4.

932 first-years, 759 sophomores, 469 juniors, and 224 seniors plan to return to campus.

Tsetsos wrote that approximately “100 students” canceled housing “since the housing application closed Jan. 4.” Housing numbers “[continued] to shift slightly each day” as some students took “advantage of the extended cancellation deadline” through Feb. 7, and others were offered a housing assignment “through the housing waitlist” on a rolling basis.

The 2,425 returning undergraduates include 41 students participating in the FSILG pilot and living in one of the three pilot houses.

Tsetsos wrote that of the 224 seniors returning to campus, “approximately 80” were “approved through the Student Housing Assistance Review Process,” while the rest were “identified as juniors eligible for Spring 2021 housing who have recently gained senior standing.”