Over 17 tested for COVID-19, none positive yet

MIT Medical also ‘actively pursuing telehealth options’ for patients

Since March 1, MIT Medical has tested over 17 patients for COVID-19 and has “yet to receive a positive test,” Dr. Cecilia Stuopis ’90, director of MIT Medical, wrote in a statement emailed to The Tech

If a positive test were received, Stuopis wrote that MIT Medical would “would inform the MIT community quickly, and work with the department of public health to notify any individuals who had contact with the COVID-19 positive patient.”

MIT Medical is not able to track students who have left campus, and will only be knowledgeable of students who test positive outside of campus if those students reach out to MIT Medical. 

Stuopis declined to comment further on test numbers and reasons for testing to protect patient anonymity. 

MIT Medical is also “actively pursuing telehealth options for all of our patients,” Stuopis wrote. “We hope to share an update on this topic with the MIT community within the next two weeks.”