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Dear readers,

To curb the spread of COVID-19 in the undergraduate population, MIT announced Tuesday that all undergraduates are required to move from campus residences and FSILGs by noon March 17 and has since strongly advised that undergraduates hasten their departure to midnight March 15.

Because The Tech is a newspaper staffed largely by undergraduates, this change means that we will no longer be able to print and physically distribute our weekly issues. Our March 12 issue, the fifth issue of volume 140, will most likely be our last print edition until the Fall term.

Nevertheless, whether on campus or not, The Tech will continue to cover stories relevant to student life. We will continue to publish online for our weekly issues, keeping up with decisions that closely affect students and writing stories that connect the MIT community.

Now more than ever, The Tech’s mission of maintaining an accurate record of MIT events and reporting on important changes has become essential in keeping our community informed and together, even as we spread across the globe.

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