MIT card readers to be replaced

A joint Facilities and Information Systems and Technology team is replacing the access control systems, access management software, and alarm systems across campus — which includes MIT ID card readers — this calendar year, Mark Silis, vice president for IS&T wrote in a statement emailed to The Tech

Some MIT ID cards will need to be upgraded to be compatible with the new card readers. The team will notify those who need their cards upgraded by email in January and February. The team projects that the MIT ID cards that will need to be exchanged include approximately 100 student cards and 600 staff cards, along with several affiliate cards. 

MIT community members can exchange their card for an upgraded one free of charge at the Atlas Service Center, the team wrote in a memo forwarded to The Tech.  

The current system is being replaced because it is “reaching the end of its life” and “to maintain support and compatibility with modern access control requirements,” Silis wrote. The upgrade also enables MIT to create a mobile ID option. 

The team will send emails and post notices at impacted building entrances before beginning replacement.