UA Vice President resigns, Charlotte Minsky appointed as successor

Kelvin Green II ’21 has resigned from the position of UA Vice President, according to an email UA President Mahi Elango ’20 sent to the undergraduate student body Nov. 6. Elango wrote in an email to The Tech that Green resigned because he is taking a leave of absence from MIT.

Elango appointed former UA Chief of Staff Charlotte Minsky ’20 as the new vice president. Elango wrote that the UA Constitution states, “In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall immediately appoint a successor who shall become active upon the approval of fourteen members of the Council.”

“Although there is no Constitutional mandate to follow the order of succession noted in the Constitution, I appointed the Chief of Staff given Charlotte’s experience in the UA and across campus,” Elango wrote.

In addition, former UA Secretary Rishi Shah ’20 has been appointed chief of staff. The UA council discussed nominations for the secretary position during their meeting Nov. 13.