MacGregor, New House most popular FYRE destinations

East Campus and Burton Conner had the most move-out requests

MacGregor and New House overtook Simmons and Maseeh to become the most popular dorms to move into during this year’s First Year Residence Exchange (FYRE). The dorms with the most requests to move out were East Campus and Burton Conner. 

The number of students who entered the FYRE lottery was comparable to previous years, but this year had the lowest ratio of people who moved out to people who moved in since 2016 — 58 to 121.

In an email to The Tech, Director of Residential Services Jennifer Hapgood-White wrote that the low ratio was due to a number of reasons. One potential reason is that a high number of students requested to move into dorms that didn’t have an equally high number of students looking to move out, according to Hapgood-White. For example, while New House had one of the highest numbers of requests to move in, it also had the lowest number of requests to move out.

 “A student’s decision where to live or whether to move from one residential community to another is personal, which makes identifying potential influences on students’ decision-making in any given year difficult,” Hapgood-White said.