Eric Lander stands by denial of association with Epstein after photos surface

Broad has not requested or received any financial support from Epstein, according to Lander

Eric Lander, president and founder of the Broad Institute, has continued to stand by his statement that he has no connection to Jeffrey Epstein, the late financier accused of sex trafficking. Photos have surfaced of Lander speaking with Epstein. 

The photos were originally posted on a blog for Epstein’s foundation, but they have since been taken down. 

“The Broad had no association with him or his foundations, nor did I,” Lander wrote in an email to members of the Broad.  

Lee McGuire, the Broad’s chief communications officer, forwarded Lander’s email and wrote separately to The Tech that the images were taken at an April 2012 Harvard University gathering which involved many donors, faculty members, and others.

Lander wrote that he “briefly met” Epstein at two events in 2012 and did not meet with him again. Lander also wrote that he and the Broad have neither requested nor received any financial support from Epstein or his foundation.

“I’m glad we chose to have no dealings with him,” Lander wrote. The Broad will also be reviewing its “practices on accepting support, to see if any changes may be appropriate.” 

Last Saturday, Joi Ito resigned from his position as director of MIT’s Media Lab after it came to light that he had accepted and sought to conceal significant donations from Epstein. 

In an email to the MIT community, President L. Rafael Reif wrote that an investigation is being conducted to determine the extent of donations received from Epstein and his associated foundations, and to identify which individuals at MIT were aware of these donations.