TechMart and Student Center dining to undergo changes, renovations

TechMart will be under Bon Appetit next year, said MIT Dining Director Mark Hayes at the DormCon meeting April 4. The number of types of products at TechMart will be doubled and there will be fewer restrictions on types of products. There will be an additional fridge, freezer, and cage shelf. TechMart will still have products sold at-cost, Hayes said.

A group of students and staff will examine ways to improve the food variety and quality in the Student Center, Hayes wrote in a statement emailed to The Tech. “Additionally, the Division of Student Life will create an advisory group that will consider house and retail dining at MIT in a more holistic way. That group will be developed over the summer and will launch this fall,” Hayes wrote.

Vendors in the Student Center, including Anna’s Taqueria, will be renovated and move locations, Hayes said at the meeting. Ideas for location changes are currently being discussed.

In his statement, Hayes wrote that renovations began recently on the kitchen facilities next to the barber shops in the Student Center’s basement. These changes were part of a “general program of upgrades to Anna’s, and will help to streamline ingredient preparation.” Furthermore, there will be a series of “mechanical and aesthetic enhancements this summer” on the first floor of the Student Center this summer, but Anna’s will remain open, wrote Hayes.