Campus Life by the numbers

Nine weird food combinations in my life

Who says pasta and ketchup don’t go together?

8852 emma bingham   bday
The (vegan) ice cream cake I made for my birthday last year. I think the Hershey’s drizzle was a perfect addition.
Tafsia Shikdar

Sometimes, a poor college student just has to put the things in their cupboard together. Other times, you realize you just had a weird childhood.

  1. Green beans on buttered toast. I got this from a senior on my floor. Simple, quick, and surprisingly satisfying.

  2. Peanut butter, sliced bananas, and Hershey’s sauce on a bagel/rice cake/toast. In theory, the flavor combination is fine. My roommate just thinks I use Hershey’s syrup too much (as evidenced by the Hershey’s drizzle on the ice cream cake I made for my birthday, and the next number in this list…).

  3. Using Hershey’s syrup in s’mores. My roommate may have a point, but actual chocolate is expensive. As long as you have the cracker/marshmallow/chocolate flavor combo, what’s the issue?

  4. Peanut butter and jelly bagel. I think this is totally normal, but Southerners have looked at me in disgust a few times. Apparently, anything other than cream cheese is blasphemy.

  5. Peach froyo with bursting mango boba. Wasn’t bad...but the question is, was it good? Courtesy of Cafe 472 (well, I bought it from them. Not sponsored.)

  6. Pizza sauce on toast. I feel like pizza bagels are acceptable, but I didn’t have a bagel...What’s one carb for another?

  7. Warm milk in cereal. So this is definitely a British thing, made popular (I think) by Coco Pops (basically chocolate Rice Krispies) advertisers. At least, I remember seeing it in TV adverts when I was younger. The perfect solution for when someone says they don’t want cereal because they want “a hot breakfast.”

  8. Pasta with ketchup. My brothers and I add tomato ketchup on top of our pasta, and this is a totally normal thing within our family. This is after my mum has cooked it with the normal sauce and veggies. Especially after reheating, when the pasta has become a bit dry, it’s a perfect rejuvenation technique. Thoughts?

  9. Chicken and waffles. Apparently this is widely accepted in America, but as a foreigner, it’s pretty gross. I can accept fried chicken on a savoury waffle, but topped with maple syrup and icing sugar? What is it with maple syrup on savoury things? I don’t appreciate my baked beans being sweet!