Logs accept first woman

Though women have auditioned before, Quinn Brodsky ’22 first to be accepted

The Logarhythms accepted their first female member, Quinn Brodsky ’22, this year.

The Logarhythms, also known the Logs, are MIT’s oldest a cappella group. Since the group was founded in 1949, it has been all-male. In 2013, the members  updated the constitution to state that the Logs are an a capella group that sings male parts but does not discriminate between auditionees on the basis of gender. Logs historian Mark Mockett ’19, said in an interview with The Tech that while there have been a few female auditionees since 2013, Brodsky is the first one to be accepted.

Brodsky, who is trained in opera and was part of a band in high school, said in an interview with The Tech that she had not done a cappella before but was inspired to audition for the Logs when she saw their performance during CPW.

The Logs have found that the addition of a female singer has not altered their music or team dynamic. “Quinn’s lower range is exceptionally strong,” said their music director, Jonathan Wang ’21, in an interview with The Tech.  Mockett added that Brodsky’s energy is a good fit for the group. According to Brodsky, she has always felt like just another member of the group in the rehearsals so far.

However, Brodsky said she is a little concerned about people outside the Logarhythms knowing her only for being the female Log.

“You could say something special about every single one of the people who got in this year which is just as unique,” she said.

Coincidentally, The Crimson recently reported that the formerly all-male Harvard a cappella group the Din and Tonics admitted its first female member this fall, following the Harvard policy of phasing out gender-based groups on campus.

Currently, the Logarhythms have no plans of becoming a fully co-ed group, but the members say it is possible and dependent on the future members of the Logs.