Campus Life

Welcome to CPW, Class of 2022!

The Tech interviews prefrosh about their hobbies and MIT’s culture

Campus Preview Weekend is upon us, bringing more than a thousand prefrosh and featuring hundreds of unique events, from “Exponential Salsa” to “Crazy Cat Lady Make-a-thon” to “Crepes of Wrath.”

In the midst of all the excitement, The Tech managed to pull a few prefrosh aside to ask them the following questions:

What is one thing you think is cool, awesome, or exciting about MIT?

What is something cool about you?


Julia Park, California

“The students here are really friendly and experimental and open to new things, whether it’s a new idea or a new experiment or new people like me! I’ve been helped around a lot when I was lost here. I’m finding a lot of MIT students [are] really helpful.”

“I love to lip-sync to Broadway musicals, and [I] play in the orchestra pit when I can.”

Claire Lessler, New York

“I like the culture. Some of the other schools I’ve visited were a lot more snobby, but MIT is more down-to-earth. It’s unabashedly nerdy. This place is the epitome of welcoming to nerdy culture. Part of the reason I applied was because I visited here and people kept talking about the hacking thing. It’s very cool.”

“I draw cartoons for fun!”

Yu Jing Chen, Illinois

“Student culture! The level of expression I’ve seen here surpasses every other college I’ve been to. We get to smash stuff and dye our hair! The walls of EC and Simmons and sidewalks … chalked everywhere! The student expression is really awesome.”

“I carry my frisbee like everywhere (in the summer).”

Dalila Valdes, Florida

“Everybody comes here because we have good academics. I really like the research aspect of it. Everything that is new comes from MIT in some way. I really like the atmosphere it presents. There’s people from everywhere and I really like that!”

“I like doing differential equations for fun.”

Julia Moseyko, California

“I love the perpetual fun that you guys have. It’s just like a sphere of happiness. I like the fact that hard work and academics are kind of a given, so everyone is free to focus on the wonderful aspects of the creativity and that’s so cool.”

“I do Latin ballroom dancing.”

Noah Brooks, Pennsylvania

“The focus on math and science! That’s kind of been my main thing in school my whole life.”

“I like to sit in my basement.”

Cesar Duran, Texas

“The students are so motivated to do their best in whatever they do, whether it be computer science or biotech.”

“Almost every year I’ve been to a different school — this is the first year I haven’t been. I’ve been able to see all kinds of cultures and all kinds of environments.”