NEET will offer two new threads this fall

NEET allows students to learn from a project-based, interdisciplinary approach

As New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) moves into its second year, it will offer four threads for Fall 2018 — Advanced Materials Machines, Autonomous Machines, Living Machines, and Low Carbon Energy Systems. This will be the pilot year for Advanced Material Machines and Low Carbon Energy Systems, which are being introduced after the success of NEET’s first year.

In an interview with The Tech, Dr. Amitava “Babi” Mitra, executive director of NEET, explained that NEET’s objective is to meet the demands of students who have expressed interest in a project-centric program that spans multiple departments and offers experiences outside of the classroom.

Students part of NEET take the classes required for their major, as well as elective-style seminars specific to NEET taught by MIT professors.

“NEET aims to educate young engineers to build the new machines and systems that will address societal needs, by preparing them to work as makers and discoverers. It also provides an opportunity to learn and practice communication, interpersonal skills, leadership,” Mitra said.

NEET is co-led by aeronautics and astronautics professor Ed Crawley and Associate Dean of Engineering Anette “Peko” Hosoi.

Allison Lenhard ’20 is in the Autonomous Machines thread and credits it for giving her variation in her coursework. “NEET has helped me dive into a more interdisciplinary course load and tailor my MIT curriculum to suit my own career goals,” Lenhard said in an interview with The Tech.

She recommends any freshman to explore what NEET can offer: “I’d encourage anyone who sees a NEET thread that piques their interest to strongly consider applying, because it will definitely enhance their time at MIT,” Lenhard said.

Students are also given the flexibility to change their major at the end of their sophomore year if the NEET thread they are in is not for them.“[NEET] is giving you more options; it is not taking away from what you want to do,” Mitra said.

This fall, NEET will allow sophomores to take project classes immediately, as opposed to waiting a semester.

The early deadline to apply to NEET has been extended to April 18. The regular deadline is May 13. Priority will be given to early applicants. Students can visit for more information.