Campus Life by the numbers

6 quick things to do to prepare for CPW

A short guide to welcoming the prefrosh and maintaining your sanity

The prefrosh will be among us next week, so it’s time to start our last-minute preparations! Are you excited for their arrival? Or, perhaps, panicking about the avalanche of event preparations crashing down on your shoulders? Either way, fret not, for here is a simple CPW checklist tailor-made for you.

1. Clean your room! This is especially important if you’ll be hosting a starry-eyed prefrosh or leaving your door open for dorm tours ... but also, it’s nice to have a clean room.

2. Hide alcohol (or otherwise “dispose” of it). CPW is supposed to be a dry weekend.

3. If you have extra towels or bedding, clean it to offer it to your prefrosh! They’ll thank you for the extra space in their suitcases.

4. For CPW event planners: make sure you’ve obtained everything necessary to make your event successful! Additionally, don’t forget to delegate responsibilities to others involved in your event so that you don’t burn out.

5. Communicate with your prefrosh so they know where and when to meet you! It’d be unfortunate if we had more lost souls than usual.

6. Set aside time to do your own work and to unwind. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of presenting MIT, so it's important to remember to take care of yourself.