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Winter refuses to budge as spring begins

By the calendar, we are now several days into astronomical spring. By the frigid weather, however, you’d never know it. The 4th nor'easter in the past 3 weeks is currently pulling away from the Eastern US coast, has brought heavy snow to much of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. In its wake, atypically cold temperatures will persist, with high temperatures in the lower 40s °F and low temperatures in the 20s. The cold, winter-like weather that has dominated this month shows no signs of leaving anytime soon either. March is on pace to be colder (and snowier) than February, with a mean temperature so far of 35.6 °F (2.0 °C) compared to February’s warmest ever 38.1 °F (3.4°C). March was also warmer than February last year, but this feat had only occurred twice before in the 144-year meteorological record at Boston and is extremely rare for the Eastern US. Nevertheless, it is almost April. Spring is here - the days are getting longer, the sunshine stronger, and there’s only so long Old Man Winter can maintain an icy grip on the region.