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BYOS: Bring Your Own Sunshine

Cambridge is not looking to get any warmer after the day off of school on Tuesday that Winter Storm Skylar provided. The next few days will be mostly cloudy and quite windy, but with no precipitation until early next week. Try not to let the winter doldrums get to you — go ahead and build your snowpeople and have a snowball fight because before you know it, it will be springtime!
Top snowfall from this week’s blizzard is in Holden, Maine, where they got upwards of 2.5 feet of snow. In comparison, Boston got 14.5 inches, while some towns in western Massachusetts got over 20 inches of snow. Places as far south as Tennessee saw flurries as a result of the snowstorm. Of course it is hard to predict the weather even a few days out, but the low pressure system making its way across the continental United States is threatening to bring us a bit more rain or snow to add to our puddles around campus.