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Major storm brewing for New England

The nicer weather of the last few days will be followed by a stormy Friday as a powerful low pressure system forms over the Northeast. We’ve enjoyed good weather over the past few days, but unfortunately it’s still winter — not yet time to bring out the shorts and T-shirts for good, as we look forward to cold, wet weather and high winds to round off this long week. Storm ahead! The outlook for the coast looks gloomy as potentially damaging winds, rain, coastal flooding, and maybe even some snow try to ruin the start of the weekend. Poor weather conditions will dominate Friday as the low pressure system rapidly intensifies and moves east into the Atlantic. Stay alert and up to date! Thankfully, the storm will move quickly away from the East Coast, leaving us with a cloudy Saturday and possibly sunny Sunday to look forward to. The temperature will remain quite chilly though — as usual, the weather doesn’t quite know what to do with itself!