News from the archives

Happy Thanksgiving!

The following is a Thanksgiving greeting by the board of editors of Vol. 9, No. 4 of The Tech, published in 1889. The Tech’s current editors would like to extend the same sentiments to all members of the MIT community. Eat good food, stay warm, and have a relaxing break!

The Tech wishes each of its readers a hearty enjoyment of his thanksgiving, and of the three days relaxation, which by the grace of the Faculty, he is granted with it. After eight weeks of revolution, the wheels within the wheels of the Insitute mechanism have settled down to a uniform velocity, which, were it not for this break, would become monotonous before the end of the term. The recess gives us leisure also for a brief survey of the doings hereabouts. Without going too much into details the season may be said to be prosperous. The Institute has more men enrolled in its catalogue than ever before, and will soon have more space in which to accommodate them. The eleven, which promised earlier in the season to be a failure, has made a very creditable showing. Local societies and organizations are most of them flourishing, with the promise of greater activity as the winter advances. For all of which let us be duly thankful as we sacrifice the turkey next Thursday.