Remembering Henoch Argaw (1998-2017)

8267 mustafa
Henoch Argaw '20 with Mustafa Amjad.
Courtesy of Mustafa Amjad
8268 maryam2
Henoch Argaw '20 with Mariam Dogar '20 in Jordan.
8269 henoch1
Henoch Argaw '20 with Mariam Dogar '20 in Jordan.
COURTESY OF mariam dogar

Henoch Argaw ’20 died on campus Sept. 29, President Reif wrote in an email to the MIT community Oct. 1.

Argaw was a sophomore in Course 6-14 (Computer Science, Economics and Data Science) and a resident of East Campus. In an email to the undergraduate body, UA President Sarah Melvin ’18 wrote that Argaw was a “friend to many” and an active member of the Ethiopian-Eritrean Students Association, the Bitcoin Club, and the Skydiving Club, among other groups.

Argaw hailed from Aurora, Colorado. His memorial service was held Saturday in Denver.

Members of the MIT community can access MIT student support resources and Mental Health Services at, or via phone at 617-253-2916 during the day and at 617-253-4481 during nights and weekends.

Argaw participated in the MISTI Jordan program last summer. Friends who participated with him have contributed obituaries and pictures from their time together, below.

“I spent the summer with Henoch in Jordan, where we were both interning together. The one thing that always struck me about Henoch was his goofy smile; you could not go one conversation with him without breaking out into a grin. He was sweet, considerate, fun, and always willing to try something new, which made for a great adventure companion – one who I will terribly miss. Henoch is someone I will always admire and respect, and I will treasure the moments we had. I hope you’re finally sitting on Mars, friend.”
—Mariam Dogar ’20

“I got to know Henoch this past summer when we worked together. I remember thinking that we were lucky to have him - he was so friendly and upbeat in his understated way. He had an easy and generous way of grinning at you; it always brightened my day. I'm grateful for the short time I had with him. The pain of his loss goes deep, but the joy of having known him goes deeper.”
—Ahmed Moor, Co-founder and CEO, liwwa

“I had the pleasure of meeting Henoch in Jordan this summer. During the ten weeks that I spent with him, both at work and outside, we created many memories together. Henoch and I sat opposite each other and I will always remember the intellectual and humorous conversations that I had with him. He was always willing to help and offer his advice whenever I needed it and I was truly inspired by the breadth of his knowledge. Outside of work, I spent countless hours with Henoch at his apartment watching movies and having pizza. Perhaps my most prized memory of Henoch is our trip to the Dead Sea, where he managed to keep our group entertained throughout the trip. With his passing, I have not only lost a co-worker but a dear friend. I'm grateful for the time that I spent with Henoch and he will always be in my thoughts.”
—Mustafa Amjad, UPenn

“I made friends with Henoch this past summer where we both interned in Amman-Jordan. I shared many happy moments with Henoch. We traveled together in a group of five to Petra and Wadi Rum and spent the two most beautiful days in the desert. Since the first couple of days of my arrival to Amman and Henoch has been very kind to offer his help. He went above and beyond to connect me with several landlords to find me an apartment. He was just the type of guy who would give without expecting a return. From many conversations with Henoch, he seemed to love and enjoy what he was doing. He loved coding and was happy to practice this passion during the internship. He was a smart guy and had high ambitions to pursue his Masters degree.”
—Nabil Safyan G