Boston police shut down Phi Delts party during holiday weekend

A party thrown by MIT fraternity Phi Delta Theta during Labor Day Weekend was shut down by Boston Police after detectives discovered underage drinking and overcrowding. The Sunday party, which came during rush week, included a waterfall flowing down the stairwell and spilling onto a marble staircase.

In a statement last week, police said the “first floor was being operated as a nightclub with low light, strobe lights, and entertainment provided by a DJ” without city approval. The fraternity president was issued a licensed premise violation for occupancies well above the 39-resident limit and the presence of an underage guest with a can of Bud Lite. The waterfall was further deemed unsafe.

Fraternity rush is required to be dry, and houses are subject to daily alcohol inspections by other fraternities. A first offense prompts a warning, according to the Interfraternity Council (IFC) bylaws.

At the time of publication, it remained unclear whether the event had been registered, and IFC President Robert Binkowski declined to comment.