Opinion letter to the editor

Open letter to President Reif about the events in Charlottesville

President Reif,

Thank you for your August 15 e-mail about the horrific and frightening events in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend. I, of course, subscribe to the sentiments you express.

I urge you to go one step further. Recognize the scourge that has descended upon Washington. Call it out by name: Donald Trump. Just as so many people rightfully criticized him over the weekend for not condemning the KKK, Nazis, and white supremacists BY NAME, I believe it behooves you to identify BY NAME the source of danger to the pillars of our great country to which you refer.

Unprecedented, perhaps, for an MIT president to take such a stand, but the times in which we find ourselves are unprecedented. You, and I, and everyone else must make noise. 

Thank you,

Ken Isaacson ’75