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Weather, end of semester keeping us on our toes

In this season of formals, carnivals, and other end-of-year celebrations, the weather seems to be enjoying itself by keeping us on our toes. After a clear Thursday, the clouds will come rolling in with a passing front bringing a rainy and chilly Friday. Seniors shouldn't fret, though; the rain will be long gone in time for Senior Ball on Saturday night, but the sun will still be hiding in order to give each of you your time to shine. Early next week, expect warm and sunny days with cool, partly cloudy nights.

Elsewhere in the continental United States, the same cold front which we will see on Friday has been causing severe river flooding in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Throughout the week, the front will continue traveling eastward, bringing strong winds and rain as far north as Illinois.

That's the weather. Good night and have a cloudy tomorrow!