Bail granted to MIT senior arrested for unlicensed possession

Middlesex judge rules De La Cruz ‘not dangerous’

A judge granted bail to Angel De La Cruz at a hearing this Monday, according to Alexander List ’15, who attended the hearing. The hearing was supposed to have taken place last week, but was postponed.

At a previous hearing Jan. 13, De La Cruz was ruled “dangerous,” and so was denied bail. This week’s hearing revised the ruling, declaring Angel not “dangerous.”

De La Cruz, a senior in Course 6 and a resident of Senior House, was arrested Jan. 6 when police searched his dorm room after an MIT counselor filed a report and found “pistol, a rifle, and ammunition that he was not licensed to possess.”

A total of 31 MIT community members, including alumni and Senior House residents, showed up to the Monday hearing in support of De La Cruz, List said. Angel’s attorney Kristin Weberg told the group she had "never seen a group of people show up for any one of [the thousands of defendants she had previously represented] the way you have for Angel."

The next court dates for De La Cruz are over a month from now, according to List.