April showers give way to warmer weather for OneWorld

Boston has seen its fair share of rain over the last couple weeks, but some warmer and drier weather is on the way for the weekend. Today, we are between systems as a weak front approaches from the west. Friday morning, the passing front will bring a possibility of rain showers in the early afternoon and a high around 75°F (24°C). As southwesterly flow strengthens behind the front, temperatures should approach the 80°F mark by Saturday afternoon. The price we will pay for warmer weather is a chance of showers during the day, but any rain should die down by the evening. For OneWorld, expect mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the lower 60s°F (16°C). 

Slightly cooler weather returns after Saturday, with high temperatures dipping back into the lower 60°F on Sunday and Monday. We then have a break from precipitation, as the next heavy rainfall does not come until Tuesday. Saturday may not be the driest forecasted day, but it will be the warmest. If you need some justification for a Saturday study break, just blame the weather.