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Rain returns to the northeast 

Cloudy skies today will lead to rain chances tomorrow as a low pressure system pushes east towards the region. Unlike other recent rain events, this system will prove too weak to displace the cool air over the region. As a result, no significant warm up will occur prior to its passage. Cool air became firmly entrenched in the northeast over the last several days as a backdoor cold front slid inland from the coast. This airmass will persist for quite some time, since no significant system is poised to push it out anytime soon. Thus, highs in the 50s Fahrenheit and lows in the 40s can be expected for the next several days as spring’s gradual warming trend is slowly realized.

Elsewhere across the nation, Friday’s cold front will drive cooler temperatures south across the Plains and Ohio Valley regions, sparking a brief cooldown for regions that have experienced well above average temperatures for much of the season. Thunderstorms could accompany both this front and another later next week as unsettled spring weather builds, with a chance for severe weather across the Lower Mississippi River Valley.