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Pleasant weather ahead

The warm and dry weather we have experienced during the past few days (excluding Wednesday afternoon) will continue for the rest of the week. While the prevailing winds during Thursday and Friday will be northwesterly and northerly, the advected air will be warm. The weather pattern from Thursday to Saturday will be relatively steady, with no major cold or warm fronts passing through our area. This will change during Saturday evening, when a warm front from the southwest is expected to sweep through New England. The warm air may be accompanied by light showers during Saturday night, and some clouds may remain on Sunday. The high temperature on Sunday will be in the mid 70s.

This week brought us a new daily temperature record for Boston: the high of 84°F on Tuesday was the highest temperature on April 11 since records started in 1872. The climatological normal temperatures for this time of year are around 55°F and 40°F for the high and low, respectively. This is the sixth time so far that a record high temperature has been observed during 2017. No record low temperatures have been observed so far this year.