UA president and VP campaigns commence

Candidates for this year’s elections for UA president and vice president are Sarah Melvin ’18 & Alexa Martin ’19, Daysi Gomez ’18 & Liz Cox ’18, and Malte Ahrens ’18, whose VP candidate is set to be confirmed by the UA Election Commission next week.

Sarah Melvin was Senior House president and a UA Council and Dormitory Council representative. Alexa Martin is the UA secretary and 2019 Class Council treasurer. Melvin and Martin hope to “establish a full service Mental Health Clinic on West Campus.”

Daysi Gomez is the UA Vice President. Liz Cox was on Dormitory Council and UA Council. She was also the Baker House president. Gomez and Cox envision “recycling bins in every dorm room.”

Malte Ahrens is the former chair of the UA Innovation Committee. Malte believes “every student should have access to trusted and effective support and mentorship” and “no student should face financial insecurity or a food deficit.”

Voting opens April 17 and closes April 21. Winners will be announced on April 22.

The Tech will be hosting a public debate between presidential candidates April 14 at 8 p.m. in the lobby of W20. Candidates will be asked to address issues such as  communicating with administration, mental health, and advising.

If you have any questions you want to put in debate, email