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Srini Devadas

Immigrant members of the MIT community

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Srini Devadas, Webster Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
Photo courtesy of Daniel Jackson.

I grew up in various cities in India and arrived at the University of California, Berkeley for graduate school in 1985, a few weeks after turning 21. After getting my PhD at UCB, I came to MIT in 1988 and have been here ever since. Partly because of the length of time I have spent in the States, and partly because I have two adult daughters who were born and raised in Massachusetts, I feel very American. And thanks to being at MIT for almost 30 years, I have wonderful friends from all over the world whose friendships I cherish greatly.

Srini Devadas is a Webster Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a MacVicar Fellow.

Editor's note: Tech Transfers is a photo series by Professor Daniel Jackson that features immigrant members of MIT.