News year in review

News editor’s note

It’s been an event-filled year at the Institute, and it promises to be no less so in the coming year as we gaze ahead toward changes in dorms new and old, continuing talk on various aspects of student life and health, and more MIT-led initiatives as the Institute swells its influence across Cambridge and the rest of the world.

The following events have influenced and been influenced by every member of a remarkable collection of people: the MIT community. Our reporters have worked diligently all year to relay and investigate these events. To help you refresh on what has happened and prepare you for what will, we’ve organized this past year’s MIT events into a few categories. With the present tumultuous state of the nation, when it feels as if status quos can completely denature in the span of a week, I hope that this will provide some sense of structure. Join me as we look back at a… well, different time.