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Summer weather can’t last forever: windy and rainy days ahead

This week has had quite the juxtaposition of autumn leaves with temperatures up to 80°F (27°C). Hope you all got your Instagram pictures taken because these temperatures won’t be sticking around much longer! In fact, seven years ago this week, Boston had already had its first snowfall of the season. Up to four inches fell in the Boston area on October 19, 2009 resulting in unhappy Patriots fans due to a nearly snowed-out game and bemused Florida-raised college students.

No chance of snow just yet, but it may be time to start bringing sweaters back into your wardrobe. The end of the week will be a bit waterlogged with a chance of thunderstorms on Friday due to a low front moving up through the northeast U.S.

Boston is in for strong winds accompanied by cloudy skies over the weekend. Hopefully we’ll have a few more picturesque days to spend out on Killian Court before the snowboots come out.