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Cool Sunny Weather Locally, Julia Spins off the Carolinas

Cooler, seasonable conditions will overspread the region in the wake of Wednesday’s cold front. That front brought isolated but much-needed rain to Eastern Massachusetts, which remains in the midst of a persistent severe drought. Locally, clear skies and high temperatures in the mid 70s will persist into the weekend before another system approaches from the west by Sunday, bringing a cold front and another opportunity for precipitation. Near the Carolina coast, minimal Tropical Storm Julia will continue to meander, bringing squally weather and heavy rain to coastal regions. Julia is forecast to remain weak and nearly stationary over the next several days before weakening and moving onshore. Elsewhere in the nation, rain and thunderstorms will overspread the Plains as a developing system organizes over the central United States and progresses quickly eastward. Otherwise, calm weather and clear skies will be the norm across much of the country as the Autumnal Equinox approaches.