VP Gomez to serve as UA president for up to two more weeks

Vice President Daysi Gomez ’18 assumed the responsibilities of Undergraduate Association President while President Sophia Liu ’17 was recovering from emergency surgery in South Africa.

Gomez assumed those duties on August 25, when she learned of Liu’s condition from a Facebook post explaining that Liu had recently been released from the ICU.

Gomez said that she expects to serve for no more than two weeks, and that Liu has already purchased plane tickets for her trip back to Boston, though she did not know as of Tuesday night when exactly when Liu would be returning.

She said that, day to day, attending to the duties of the presidency amounts to a lot of work.

She said she’s been attending quite a few meetings and has been taking on a lot of logistical duties, like scheduling meetings, including UA Council meetings.

She said that acting as president is helping her get a better understanding of the role of the UA president.

The time commitment “hasn’t been that bad,” she said, “since classes haven’t ramped up yet.”

Liu’s Facebook page described the painful condition that necessitated the surgery, explaining that something had been constricting her small intestine and cutting off blood flow.

Gomez sent an email informing undergrads of the situation on Sept. 12.